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2018 International Codes and References

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  1. 2018 International Building Code Illustrated Handbook (Cover Image)

    2018 International Building Code Illustrated Handbook

    Thoroughly updated to address the provisions of the 2018 International Building Code®, this fully-illustrated guide makes it easy to understand and apply the most critical code provisions. Covering both fire- and life-safety and structural provisions, this practical resource contains hundreds of user-friendly diagrams designed to clarify the application and intent of the IBC®. The 2018 International Building Code Illustrated Handbook provides all the information needed to get construction jobs done right and achieve compliance. An invaluable companion to the 2018 IBC, it is a must have resource for building officials, architects, engineers, contractors and all building construction professionals.


    • Updated to fully align with the 2018 IBC

    • Features more than 500 full-color illustrations

    • Covers both fire-and life-safety and structural provisions

    • Includes in-depth discussions and applications

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  2. Structural Loads - 2018 IBC and ASCE/SEI 7-16 (Cover Image)

    Structural Load Determination 2018 IBC and ASCE/SEI 7-16

    This practical guide shows, step by step, how to apply the provisions of the 2018 IBC and ASCE/SEI 7-16 to accurately determine structural loads. The book contains information engineers need to design buildings that will withstand the forces of gravity, occupancy, and environmental stress. You will get design examples, flowcharts, and load diagrams that illustrate complex load provisions.

    Structural Load Determination Under 2018 IBC and ASCE/SEI 7-16 opens with an introduction to structural loads and a discussion of the relationship between the IBC and ASCE 7 standards. From there, the book explains the proper application of allowable stress design (ASD), load resistance factor design (LRFD), and seismic load combinations. Subsequent chapters cover occupancy, roof, rain, snow, ice, wind, seismic, and tsunami loads. Throughout, emphasis is placed on the proper application of load provisions within the scope of everyday practice.

    • Clearly explains the complex load provisions found in the 2018 IBC and in ASCE/SEI 7-16
    • Shows how to calculate dead loads, occupancy live loads, roof live loads, and environmental loads
    • Written by an experienced structural engineer in conjunction with the ICC
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